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Pierogi or Pierogis ?

Polish homemade pierogi on a plate.

Dumplings feature in cuisines all over the world, but my favourite take on these little parcels of deliciousness is our Polish national dish pierogi. Yes, pierogi is already plural, so there is no need to add an ‘s’ at the end. Reading about “pierogis” always confuses me you don’t say “spaghettis” or “gnocchis” either, because you’d normally order a plate of them, not just one. Maybe I’m being pedantic, but I always wonder about the double plural in pierogi.

But maybe I shouldn’t feel upset, because there are lots of loan words between languages, and they change and adapt in the process. Maybe I should just be happy that pierogi or pierogis are becoming better known and appreciated around the world. My own version has a blueberry filling, as the fruity variety is definitely my favourite .

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