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Den Senf dazugeben

To add one’s mustard

Welcome to the first post in the Idioms from Around the Globe series. We start our world tour in Germany. Each month, I will post a quirky idiom from a different country or a region of the world.

Seinen Senf dazugeben

Language: German

In English, please! To add one’s mustard…

What it means: Put in one’s two cents

Why mustard? It’s a popular condiment in Germany, and some dishes are simply tastier with mustard. Just like adding mustard to your food, it is tempting to put in your two-pennyworth or your two cents. But beware! Your input might not be welcome. The meaning of this idiom is slightly negative and implies telling an opinion when it may not be welcome or appreciated. Just like mustard doesn’t go with every dish, some things should be left unsaid.

Do you find idioms fascinating? This article offers some useful background information on what they are and how to use them.

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