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Remote multilingual events

Remote multilingual events

London is pleasantly warm and summerlike today. I’m sitting in my home office with the windows open wide and enjoying the cloudless blue sky. What is striking is not only the exceedingly good weather but also the absence of planes. A London skyline is usually incomplete without the constant crisscross of arriving and departing aeroplanes.
Mint leaves

Diana Singureanu, a Romanian conference interpreter, is introducing this month’s refreshing idiom with a scent of mint. Conference interpreters need to be good team...

Long-haired man sticking his tongue out

September has been a whirlwind hence the short delay in publishing this month’s contribution. Nevertheless, I am glad to welcome back our guest blogger...

To have a straw tail

In August, we are making an intercontinental leap from Japan to Italy. Our journey through the Idioms from Around the Globe series continues. This...

Chairs in the rain

Today, we are visiting Greece! Katja Kirmizakis, our guest blogger is introducing this month’s idiom. The idiom in its original language: Βρέχει καρεκλοπόδαρα (vréchei...

Andá a freir churros

The Idioms from Around the Globe series continues its journey in May to the Spanish-speaking world. The Spanish conference interpreter Maria Cecilia Lipovsek introduces...

I have worked with Kasia for the last 15 months, utilising her impressive linguistic skills to help make sense of archived documents, many obscure and barely legible, for an academic research project. Equally fluent translating from Polish or German into English – and vice versa when the occasion required – Kasia’s speed, reliability, accuracy and tenacity have been outstanding. She is also great fun to work with! I would not hesitate in recommending Kasia.

Julia Goodwin, Journalist and academic researcher

Over the last 4 years, we have always been satisfied with Katharina and can highly recommend her excellent work. The translations she delivers are accurate and are always of a high standard – even when projects require a quick turnaround. Katharina is always eager to get feedback so that she can continuously improve her writing in order to meet our clients’ needs. We are very glad to have Katharina in our network and can highly recommend her to any organisation looking for German and Polish translation services.

Sarah Fritz, Senior Social Media Manager at agency 2

I was surprised how I could delegate to Katharina – delegating to co-workers is not something I have in the past found/find easy. Working with Katharina I also learned how to negotiate firmly but politely: it is how she negotiates – and I learned a lot from that!

Jefferson Wright, Director at Business Development Professional

You are up there with the best – six years and counting and you also come with two languages. Aside from your honesty, integrity, professionalism with (a lovely touch of good humour), I can also trust that we will have continuity, reliability and positive feedback from my clients.

Vic Kureczko, Director at Linnk Languages

Katharina helped me understand the nuances in the culture of the people she was translating. It gave me a real understanding of the market we were exploring, and our client was thrilled with the insights we managed to source. All thanks to Katharina’s great work.

Thomas Langridge, Video Content Producer at The Value Engineers

Katharina has the incredible ability to be very personable while ensuring that the work is completed in an efficient and professional way. Katharina’s great at working to tight deadlines while remaining very precise in her translations. While other translators let us down with inaccurate timecodes or translations Katharina always gave us great translations and guidelines, we knew we could trust.

Thomas Langridge, Video Content Producer at The Value Engineers

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